Gottomix DQ300
Gottomix DQ300
Handheld condenser microphone

From Gottomix Microphones, makers of the finest studio recording you can find ,comes the DQ300 - a flagship condenser performance microphone with its roots in Gottomix’s legendary tuned condenser studio microphones.
The DQ300 Condenser Capsule is hand-selected and tuned for an open,detailed, and present sound that is as well-suited the capsule to a custom-designed phantom power circuit,which together provide a rapid and powerful sound that is an ideal match for powerful vocals. The DQ300 is an incredibly versatile tools for live performance as well as studio and broadcasting applications, providing remarkably consistent frequency response and low noise in any setup thanks to its custom-designed active circuit.The DQ300’s unique reinforced chassis design mounts the capsule for optimal performance and isolation from handling noise,while providing vault-like protection for the capsule to ensure years of breathtaking performances.

1, Hand-selected condenser capsule turned for stunning detail and powerful vocals;
2, Innovative reinforced chassis to protect the capsule while allowing maximum airflow for smooth, open sound;
3, Blue’s proprietary phantom power circuit delivers consistent tone and minimal noise;
4, Cardioid polar pattern delivers substantial off-axis noise rejection while maintaining presence;
5, Gottomix’s proprietary floating capsule mount delivers high capsule isolation and minimal handling noise without pads or filters;
6, Stage-ready construction with heavy-gauge barrel construction and hardened metal-plated finishes ;
7, Unique styling and craftsmanship,including hand-painted,backlit logo(to indicate when phantom power is engaged),laser-engraved trim ring and CNC-machined grip and reinforced chassis;
8, Includes soft-grip microphone clip and soft-lined storage pouch.

Your DQ300 should be plugged into a mic-level input using a standard 3-pin XLR cable.The DQ300 requires a 1.5v battery to provide phantom power. The sound from you DQ300 microphone heavily relies on how you place the microphone relative to your sound source.Generally,the closer you place the DQ300 to a sound source,the higher the low frequency output,referred to as "proximity effect".So,if you want your vocal instruments to have added punch,place the microphone directly adjacent to the source.For a more natural,simply pull the source back from the microphone 2-4 inches.
The performance of Gottomix's condenser capsule also depends on the flow of air around the capsule.The unique design of DQ300's capsule mount means you'll achieve a great sound no matter where you hold the microphone.For the most consistent performance,simply hold the microphone on the handled the gottomix logo,or you can experiment with your grip to achieve slight variations in tone and presence.

The DQ300's metal plated finishes will provide years of service and good looks if properly cared for.To clean your DQ300,simply wipe down with a damp cloth.Use of harsh cleaners or abrasives may cause damage to your DQ300's surface finish.

The DQ300 was designed for the rigors of daily use,and will stand up to demanding live performance or recording environment.The condenser capsule is surrounded is surrounded by multiple layers of protective material to maximize resistance to moisture and debris.Nonetheless,we know performance can get pretty intense out there,so try to avoid excessive physical abuse or moisture exposure to the microphone or the condenser capsule-failure to do so could impact sound quality or void warranty.

Transducer: Condenser Capsule
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 40HZ-20KHz
Maximum SPL: 146dB SPL
Output Impedance: 25ohms
Sensitivity: 11mV/Pa
Length: 187mm
Weight: 0.3kg

These charts are only a starting point for the sound provided.How the microphone reacts in a particular application will differ greatly because of many variables,like room acoustics,distance from sound(proximity),tuning of instruments,mic cabling and other factors.For more tips on miking and recording technique,check out the Gottomix website.

* Microphone clip
* A different color Microphone cover which you can change
* 1.5V battery playtime is up to 15days
* Microphone Sponge Foam Cover
Gottomix Microphones warrants its hardware product against in materials and workmanship for a period fo two years from the date of original retail purchase,provided the purchase was made from an authorized Gottomix Microphone dealer.This warranty is void if the equipment is altered,mishandled,maladjusted,suffers excessive wear,or is serviced by any parties not authorized by Gottomix.The Warranty does not include transported costs incurred because of the need for service unless arranged for in advance,Gottomix reserves the right to make changes in design and improve upon its products without obligation to install these improvement in any of its products previously manufactured.

In keeping with our policy of continued product improvement,Gottomix Inc,.reserves the right to alter specification without prior notice.




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